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October 2016 Meeting Announced:


Wednesday, October 12,  2016

Wyckoff Public Library
200 Woodland Ave., Wyckoff

Shotmeyer Room
7:00 pm Social   |   7:30 pm Meeting


Meeting Topic:

Shade Gardening:  Native Wildflowers & Ferns

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Speaker: Dr. Hubert Ling

Ever wonder what to plant in your sun-deprived areas?
Dr. Ling will discuss various easy-to-grow native plants that will thrive in different types of shade and soil.


Dr. Ling has been excited about nature since early youth, when he had to pass an admission test to go to a nature camp. That passion ultimately led to a PhD in Biology, which led to work in industry and academia, focusing on microbiology, mycology, botany and general biology. He has written numerous
professional papers.

Many years a Board member and Horticulturist at NJ Native Plant Society (NJNPS), he authored many articles for the NJNPS newsletters. Dr. Ling’s presentation will focus on easy to grow native plants and explain which ones are especially vital for a biologically rich NJ. He will detail how to obtain these unique plants and how to raise and propagate them.

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